Which mood have you been sporting throughout the pandemic? The oh-so-cool chilled out vibe, the scared/stressed out look, the simply unhappy one, or a combination of them all?

Like many, I have experienced a combination of these moods…in fact, I experienced my own emotional journey whilst completing this artwork! Drawing faces has never been a strength of mine, but I persevered with this project, because I wanted to set myself a personal challenge and learn some new skills, as a part of my on-going art journey. It is safe to say that after numerous attempts, countless pencil sharpenings and a significantly reduced eraser, I am finally happy with the end result. Hallelujah!

About the artwork:
Pop Art has always been a style of art that I have enjoyed – it’s bold, fun and punchy.

Pop Art was invented in the USA in the 1950s and became a more prominent movement in the 1960s. It was part of the beginning of changing attitudes and moving away from more traditional forms of art. Unsurprisingly, this form of art paved the way for modern contemporary art styles such as feminist art, abstract art, minimalism and an increased use of facial expressions.

In the US, Pop Art came about as a response from many young artists who felt that art should capture what they experienced in their everyday lives – for these people, the sources of inspiration came from pop music, advertising and of course, comic books.

Pop Art was also widely used in wartime Britain, to increase morale and encourage people to sign up to the army and take on bigger roles elsewhere. Pop Art was further used for academic purposes, often serving a role in conveying messages of irony and parody.

Top tips:
Feedback from the comments in previous posts has shown that the top tips feature in my blog has been found to be helpful, so I have included my tips for this particular art style for you below: –

*Pop Art is known for being bright and bold. Do incorporate colours that are bright or provide a statement, such as yellow or red and do not blend colours together, to achieve a “bold” look. Feel free to use a combination of pencils, as well as coloured pens and paints for strength in colour.
*Add definition to your art piece, by going over all lines using fine liner pens and use a slightly thicker fine liner pen for outlining shapes.
*Pop Art incorporates stippling (use of dots), particularly within faces to add colour. The background of an image will usually contain dots and stripes; stripes can be used as a tool to support facial expressions and emotions – see the lady on the bottom of my artwork for reference.
*Pop Art faces will usually have big lips and eyes and less detailing on the nose.
*For text, use block letters and surround the text with a cloud or banner of colour.
*Fill up those blank spaces as much as you can!

Where to place this artwork:
Place in the bedroom, living room or a small, empty room to add style, attitude and plenty of personality to any setting!


Add yours

  1. These are very good. Your art is very interesting. I like that you show your work in progress. To me that is fascinating as I am always amazed that people can create such beautiful artwork. Very lovely. Have a blessed day. Love ❤️ Joni

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  2. I’m an essential or in the fear touting world I’m am EXPENDABLE worker.

    Lost my full time job in publishing but had a part time weekend job at a deli…that turned into 20 hours a week and then 35 when someone quit. I started delivering groceries to elderly people in my town on my scooter and then took a 20 hour instacart job… which turned into 28 hours…so the last three months I’ve been working over 60 hours a week and doing a little consulting in addition to that!

    So my expression would be the following three things: running mad, super tired, and annoyed with everyone else getting $600 extra a week to watch Netflix.

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    1. Hi Lisa, I work in the publishing industry too…what a time it is! I admire how you have used the time to take up work elsewhere (not that we really have a choice) and the commendable work that you have done on the frontline for people. Retail is extremely exhausting and demanding and I think people often underestimate it. But it sounds like you’re doing a great job! 🌺💗


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words about my art, it’s pleasing that you read the post and enjoyed that too! That’s always much appreciated. I hope that you keep safe and have a wonderful rest of the week 🌸🌺

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  3. I find my left hand, more conscious of the details. As of 4:30 am, I am doing Ambidextrous Art. Start with my left hand and finish with my right hand for more detailing. Hannah, I encourage you and others to explore your mind!😎😜🙏♒️👮💕💯🐕🌹🍧

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    1. Aww thank you so much, my friend 😊 I am touched by your kind words. It has been a strange year indeed, I’m glad that you feel like you can relate to the emotions shown in this piece of work 🤗

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  4. Your *Pop Art* is abstract excellent *&* your writings bridge the gap between your writing *&* your art=you possess multi talent-I use to compose poems tailored to lady twins’ art. They are twin sisters and artists. So I know how detailed your art *&* writings are (rare)! You are fantastic!

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